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Services & Procedures

Wellness Clinic

This Wellness Clinic is located on the 1st floor of Consultant Block 1. The clinic provides extensive preventive healthcare services and facilities in an enviroment focused on comfort and convenience. We believe that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, putting prevention into practice is important. Our Wellness Doctor will handle all your preventive healthcare requirement with confidentiality.


EHS Deluxe - RM280.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Test
  • ECG with report
  • Chest X-ray
  • General Blood & Urine Screening (GP61M)
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Lipid Screen
    • Full Blood Count
    • Diabetic Screen (Fasting Blood Sugar)
    • Blood Group
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Screen
    • Urine Test
    • Liver Function Test
    • Hepatitis B Screen
    • Hepatitis A lgG
    • Syphilis Screen
    • Thyroid Screen (TSH)
  • Light Refreshment
  • Medical Report

EHS Deluxe Plus - RM580.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Test
  • ECG with report
  • Chest X-ray
  • Lung Function Test
  • General Blood & Urine Screening (GP61M)
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Lipid Screen
    • Full Blood Count
    • Diabetic Screen (Fasting Blood Sugar)
    • Blood Group
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Screen
    • Urine Test
    • Liver Function Test
    • Hepatitis B Screen
    • Hepatitis A lgG
    • Syphilis Screen
    • Thyroid Screen (TSH)
  • Stress Test (Treadmill)
  • Light Refreshment
  • Medical Report

EHS Premier Ladies - RM580.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Test
  • Blood Glucose & Cholesterol
  • Breast Examination
  • Pelvis Examination
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound of Pelvis/Breast
  • Mammogram
  • Medical Report

EHS Child - RM433.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Test
  • Febrile Studies D (GP25M)
  • Urea Electrolytes (Buse)(GP40E)
  • Glucose
  • Urine FEME
  • Echocardiogram & Consultation by Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Medical Report

Slimming Package - RM80.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist Circumference
  • Blood Glucose & Cholesterol
  • Diet Counseling by Dietician
  • Medical Report

EHS Pilgrimage Package - RM145.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Vision Test
  • General Blood & Urine Screening (GP59H)
    • Kidney Function Test
    • Lipid Screen
    • Full Blood Count
    • Diabetic Screen (Fasting Blood Sugar)
    • Blood Group
    • Urine Test
    • Liver Function Test
    • Syphilis Screen
  • Urine FEME
  • Medical Report

EHS Respiratory Screening - RM130.00

  • Physical Examination by Wellness Doctor
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Lung Function Test
  • Chest X-ray
  • Medical Report


  • Meninggoccus ACYW135
  • Influenza
  • Pneumococcal
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid Fever


Registration is done at the clinic. Vital signs will be taken, followed by blood investigation and urine test. After investigation are completed, a physical examination is carried out.

Finally, consultation and review will be done.


1. For Blood Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Testing, patient are asked to fast at least 8 hours prior to testing.

2. For Urine Examination to exclude opiates, patients are advised to abstain from cough and cold medication for 2 days prior to testing

2. For Urine Examination to exclude opiates, patients are advised to abstain from cough and cold medication for 2 days prior to testing

Clinic Operating hours

Monday – Friday :
8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday :
8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday :

For further information and appointment, please contact 03-40233599 ext. 602/424


This Centre is located on the 3rd Floor of Consultant Block 1 and has a breath-taking view of the Kuala Lumpur's skyline. Although ensconed away from the main flow of the hustle and bustle of the hospital, the unit is linked to other support services departments such as Intensive Care Unit, Operation Theatre etc. The strategic location provides privacy for our clients who seek regular treatment here.


A reliable and efficient Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification System has been installed to ensure delivery of safe and good quality dialysate to the clients. Only Bicarbonate Dialysis is performed here. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our patients, not just merely performing the mechanics of haemodialysis! Hence, each dialysis session is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Health Campaign

We have initiated several health campaigns on a small scale to educate the patients with regards to their disease aetiology and issues such as diet, improving their physical, mental and emotional well-being are also addressed. We are also in the midst of setting up a support group for our existing patients and new ones who have to go on the chronic maintenance haemodialysis programme to provide moral support amongst themselves.

With a good team of professionals comprising of trained and experienced staff rendering the service and care, we want to ensure that our patients are well-dialysed and live productive lives. Thus, most of our disposables are single-used for the purpose of increasing efficiency in dialysis and as a means of controlling the spread of blood-borne infections.

Dialysis Session

We perform 2 sessions of haemodialysis per day except on Sundays. On Public Holidays, the unit remains open for treatment as well. When the need arises, we will open for late evening shifts. There is always one staff who stands on-call for 24 hours for any emergency. We do cater for foreign tourists who are visiting the region with prior appointment.

We have 13 machines and the unit is opened daily (except Sunday) from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Our price ranges from RM200 to RM300 per session according to the medical problems of an individual.

Our Dialysis Centre provides isolation facility for Hepatitis B patients.

For further information please contact us at Tel No. 4023 3599 ext 312.


ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

The Lithotripter installed at KPJ Penang belongs to the latest generation of lithotripters; the sonolith© i-move made by EDAPTMS. The highly effective electro-conductive technology used in the Lithotripter enables the Urologist to perform successful treatments with minimal pain. The Sonolith© is designed to fragment renal stone located throughout the renal tract with results dependent upon the positive of the stone.

Lithotripsy Centre is for non-surgical treatment of kidney and bladder stones. The Lithotripsy Centre is located opposite the Radiology Department on the ground floor of the Main Lobby.

This centre was open in 1988 and since its inception we have treated more than 8,000 patients. We charge RM1,500.00 for the first blasting and RM100.00 for any subsequent blasting. All patients requiring this treatment has to be referred by the Consultant Urologist who will be with you during the procedure. Please contact ext 603 for our special packages.

Technical Information on Lithotripsy Procedure

Most people know that nowadays, stone in the kidney and ureter are not treated anymore by open surgery but by blasting from outside the body using sound waves generated by ESWL (Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) machines.

However, most people do not know that there are different types of ESWL machines and some are less effective than others in blasting stones in the kidney and ureter. In many well known hospitals, supplementary procedures are needed when doing ESWL treatment, and these procedures are often invasive. Besides traumatising the patients, it is more than double the cost of treatment. Examples of these procedures are:-

1- Pushing stones in the ureter back into the kidney before they can be blasted. This requires insertion of a tube up the natural orifice into the ureter under anaesthesia.

2- Inserting a stent (hollow tube) into kidney from below under anaesthesia so that fragments resulting from the blasting of stones do not clog up the flow of urine.

3- Injecting radio-opaque dye into the vein in order to see small or faint stones on x-ray in order to know where to blast the stones. Excess use of x-ray can be harmful to patient.

We, at KPJ Penang Hospital, are glad to inform you that with our ESWL machine:

1- Stones in the ureter can be blasted directly without first pushing them back into the kidney.

2- Fragments are usually fine enough to come out without causing obstruction and so a stent is usually not needed, and

3- Our ESWL machine do not use x-ray for stone localisation.



Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Unit

We provide prompt, quality healthcare, promote wellness and restore function.

Treatments available include:-
- Exercise regimes
- Electrotherapy modalities
- Mobilization
- Traction
- Relaxation techniques
- Treatment massage
- Ante/post natal exercise
- Rehabilitation exercises

PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENT which specializes in Rehabilitation Services is one of the support services available at KPJ Penang specialist hospital.

Physiotherapy treatment covers a wide range of physical problems especially Musculo-skeletal ailment, treatment and prevention of disorders.

We cater to the needs of the Hospital's inpatients, as well as referrals from General Practitioners, various Consultants, other Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.

Most conditions treated by our Physiotherapists require a short course of treatment, which after careful assessment, are tailored specifically to your individual physical capabilities and rate of progress.

Services Provided

Physical therapy and rehabilitation can help people in all stages of their life. Treatment is available for a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Stroke
  • Acute/chronic orthopeadic problems
  • Chest condition/illness
  • Neurological condition
  • Paeditric problems
  • Geriatric problems
  • Sports related injuries
  • Back and neck problems
  • Industrial injuries

A major emphasis of our practice is to educate patients regarding self help, home treatment programme and to involve them closely in the management of their conditions.


We accept appointment via:

  • Phone
  • Referral

Cancellation should be notified earlier for rescheduling of your appointment

Business Hours

Our business hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday :
8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday :
8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Sunday Public Holiday :
Outpatient - closed

Inpatient - :
8.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Therapy Duration

Initial Therapy - 45 to 90 minutes

Subsequent Therapy - 30 to 60 minutes

Rehabilitation Aids

Our department also caters for rehabilitation aids for the injured and disabled. We provide advice on suitable rehabilitation aid for the individual patient.

Purchase of the following items are also available upon request:

1- Rehabilitation appliances

2- Splints

3- Braces


Our Mission

To ensure that all patients receive pharmaceutical products that are safe, efficacious and of quality as well as advice on their rational use.


1- To provide an efficient and courteous service to all our patients.

2- To dispense correct medications to all our patients as prescribed by doctors.

3- To purchase and maintain an adequate stock of drugs which is up-to-date and comprehensive.

4- To ensure that all our patients obtain prescribed medication within a suitable time period.

5- To provide drug information and professional advice to patients and healthcare professionals.

To Our Customers

All medications dispensed shall be labelled accordingly with the name of the medications. We strongly advice patients to:

1- Know the name of your medications

2- Inform your doctor about any other medications that you are currently taking if not prescribed by him/her

3- Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding

4- Inform your doctor and/or pharmacist if you have experienced any allergic reactions with your medications.

Working Hours

We provide 24-hours comprehensive Pharmacy services to all inpatients and outpatients of our hospital which also complements our 24-hours Accident and Emergency Department.

Our outpatient services are available at:

1- Ground Floor Pharmacy - 8:30 AM - 9:00PM 2- 1st Floor Pharmacy - 9.00 PM - 8:30 AM

General Advice On The Use And Handling Of Medicines

1- Do not exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor. In case of overdosage, seek medical attention at once. 2- If you develop an allergic or unusual reaction to any medicine, contact your doctor at once. 3- The medicine prescribed for you are specific to treat your present condition. Never give your medicine to anyone else. 4- To avoid mistakes, do not take medicines in the dark or mix different medicines in one container. 5- Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. 6- Store medicines away from heat and direct sunlight. 7- Medicines which are expired or no longer needed should be flushed down the toilet, unless otherwise directed. 8- The word "POISON" which may appear on your medicine packages means a controlled medicine under the Poisons Ordinance 1952.


KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital is committed to offer the community its state-of-the-art cutting edge technology and comprehensive wide range of medical services, supported by a group of expertise and experts to answer all questions, worries on illnesses, treatment and other health related issues.


  • 24 Hours Clinic
  • Accident & Emergency Unit
  • 24 Hours Ambulance Service
  • Specialist Outpatient Clinics
  • General Medicine & Surgery
  • Health Screening Programs
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Delivery Suites, Nursery & Neonatal Services
  • Haemodialysis Unit
  • Laboratory Services
  • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Dietetics
  • Operation Theatres Equipped With LED Lights
  • Diagnostic Imaging which include 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), 64-Slice C.T. Scan, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy & Colonoscopy
  • Cath. Lab equipped with Angiogram for Angioplasty and other Interventional cardiology such as Echocardiogram Test, Trans Esophagus Echo, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Stress Echo, Holter Monitoring (24 Hours ECG), Stress ECG, etc.


KPJ Penang operates a 24-Hour Clinic, Accident & Emergency Unit, which is manned by Medical Officers and trained staff with specialists on call round the clock. The Unit is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and on public holidays to provide outpatient and emergency services to patients. It also provides medical examinations for pre-employment including annual check-ups for students and foreign workers.


A group of Specialist Consultants with sub-specialty interest from various disciplines are available in KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital to provide consultations and treatments for patients at the outpatient clinics.

  • Anaesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Ear, Nose, Throat & Neck Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgeon
  • Nephrology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • Physician
  • Plastic, Reconstructive, Burn & Aesthetic Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
Accident & Emergency


The unit is open 24-hours and 7 days a week providing care to more than 20,000 patients each year. All emergency cases will be attended by our very experienced Medical Officer specially trained to handle trauma and emergency cases and a team of highly experienced nurses.
Referral to specialist is done immediately when necessary.

The unit is also equipped with a minor operation theatre for minor surgeries and other emergency procedures.

Laboratory Services

Lablink (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Quality Policy

At Lablink everyone of us from both the technical and administrative sections work in harmony in pursuing and meeting QUALITY STANDARDS in laboratory practice. We shall meet the needs and expectations of the medical practitioners who are our direct clients and in doing so our service will provide maximum benefits and satisfaction to the patients.

We take every opportunity given to us by our client doctors to make their already complex job easier, by providing accurate laboratory results and correct interpretations along with appropriate advice in the quickest possible "turn around" time. We work hard towards achieving this goal and helping our doctors to keep up with the continued advances in laboratory science. In providing prompt, cordial and cost effective service, patients' welfare is uppermost on the mind of our staff.


The laboratory is equipped with the latest state-of-art facilities providing services such as

- Clinical Biochemistry
- Hematology
- Blood Bank
- Microbiology/Urinology
- Immunology
- Hispathology/Cytology

Operating hours

Monday – Friday :
8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday :
8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Laboratory is open on Sunday/Public Holiday and after office hours. Overtime charge is charged on the tests done during these hours.

Please visit our website for further information.

Website :
Email :

Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)

The Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology) department is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art facilities which include:

1. General x-ray machines
2. Fluoroscopy machine for screening procedure & special investigations
3. Ultrasound Machine
4. 64-slice MSCT Scan
5. Mammogram machine
6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
7. Cath.Lab Angiography.

Our Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory has the latest equipment with the state-of-the-art Technology. This facility is special X-ray equipment used to perform angiogram (special X- rays of the arteries).

The following services are available: - Coronary angiogram to assess the severity of the coronary heart disease and suitability for bypass surgery or coronary angioplasty
- Right and left heart catheterization to assess the disease of the heart valves, hole in the heart, etc.
- Permanent pacemaker implantation to treat life threatening abnormal heart beat.
- Coronary angioplasty or PCI—balloon dilation and stenting of the coronary arteries.
- Angiogram and angioplasty of the kidney arteries.

General Radiography
A basic radiological imaging procedure on body parts upon clinician request

A technique of using ultrasound modality to produce images within the body to diagnose and high frequency of sound wave is use instead of radiation.

Utrasound Examination

Types of ultrasound examination:
- Abdomen
- Pelvic region
- Liver, gall bladder and pancreas
- Thyroid
- Breast


Also known as magnetic resonance imaging, is a pain-free non-invasive test used to produce two dimensional images of body structures by using intense magnetic fields on to patient body.

Common MRI investigation
- Brain - Lesion , bleed or looking for early detection of infarct
- Extremities and joints.
- Spines and spinal cord
- MR angio.

Cath. Lab Angiography
It is part of interventional radiography examination such as blood vessel in some organs and heart.
Some example that dedicated angio system can be use as following examination :

1. Coronary Angiogram
2. Aortogram
3. Interventional Radiology (IR) procedure


How to get our service
Request for x-ray examination must be referred by consultants and general practitioner via

1. Request form
2. Appointment via phone (need referral letter upon arrival)
3. On line request (available within hospital premises)
4. Memmo instruction by authorized qualified medical personnel.

CT Scanning
An x-ray procedure which combines many x-ray images with the aid of a computer to generate cross-sectional views and, if needed, three-dimensional images of the internal organs and structures of the body. A CT scan is used to define normal and abnormal structures in the body with high resolution images.

Our high end facility
64 Multislices CT ( MDCT):
What is an advantages of 64 multi slice CT or (64MDCT)

CT Scan is used to diagnose such as:
- Brain defect of bleed
- Bone defect
- Lung defect
- Bleed in other organs
- Lesion
- Vertebral defect
- CT Angiography (CTA)
- 3D reconstruction
- Dental MPR scan

What you need to do for CT examination.
- Patient must be in the department 15 minute earlier .
- Patient with medication must inform the radiographer on duty.
- Radio opaque should be removed

Note : Liquid diluted gastrografin (contrast media) to be taken orally 20-30 minutes before examination (as required).

An Imaging procedure for dynamic study which specialization examination area examined by doctors.

Fluorocopy (Special Examination)

Special examination is an imaging procedure involving difference of positive contrast (Barium sulphate solvent or organic iodine suspension). The contrast media is given to the patient through tube, injection or oral.

Types of examination & the contrast used

Barium swallow
Barium meal
Barium enema


Dissolved Barium sulphate

2. Urinary System

IVU (Intravenous Urogram)
MCU (Mict. CystoUrethrogram)


Organic iodine suspension

3. Nerve System
Myelogram - organic Iodnie Suspension

4. Vascular System



Organic Iodine suspension

5. Others
- HSG (Hysterosalphingogram)
- T-Tube
- Sialogram
- Sinogram

( Please inform the nurse or radiographer if you are allergic to any drugs before examination on during the booking of appointment ).

Rehabilitation Services

Occupational Health Services

We offer Occupational Health Services (OHS) for industrial corporation both multinational and small-medium enterprise (SME).

The service will be provided by well trained Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) registered with DOSH.
The Occupational Health Services include but not limited to the followings:


- Medical Surveillance for CHEMICAL under USECHH Reg 2000
- Medical Surveillance for Asbestos, Mineral Dust, Radiation
- Pre-employment & Preplacement Medical Checkup
- Health Promotion at Workplace
- Workplace health Risk Assessment
- Noise Conservation Program
- Workplace Improvement for Small Enterprise (WISE)
- Counseling for Quit Smoking
- Drug Alcohol Free Workplace Program
- Advisor on Occupational Health Issue

Services Work Process

Business hours

Monday – Friday :
8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday :
8.30 am – 12.30 pm

After working hour service (for in patients):

* Saturday
2.00 pm- 5.00 pm

* Sunday
8.30 am – 1.00 pm
( also depends on patients flow)

Flow Process

IN Patient Flow Process

Out Patient Flow Process

- Send down by wards
- Inform by ward by phone or via K-CIS



4.Assess patients—discuss findings.

5.Plan treatment and set treatment goals


- in the case notes/ K-CIS


-inform services staff by phone to enter charges in HITS/K-CIS.
-personally return to dept. and enter charges into charge forms.

 9. Discharge




4. REGISTRATION –Front Counter

5. Appointment

6.CHECK Referral Notes


8.Assess patients—discuss findings.

9.Plan treatment and set treatment goals
- Treatment rendered in Services

- in the case notes/ K-CIS


- personally enter charges into charge forms and staff will key in in HITS/KCIS.

13. Next Appointment or Discharge

Dietary Services

Dietitian, who is the nutrition and dietetic professional will be responsible to provide dietary consultation to all patients and plan menu for patients requiring specific nutritional intervention.

Service Provided

  • Diet counselling for inpatient and outpatient
  • Enteral feeding assessment and regimes for inpatient and outpatient
  • Design patient meal plan for patient requiring individual diet modification
  • Conduct group counselling or nutritional education to patient in group


We accept appointment via:

  • Phone call
  • Doctor referral

Cancellation should be notified earlier for rescheduling of your appointment


Dietitian's office is situated at the Lavender Ward (Level 3) of KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital.

Operating hours

Monday – Friday :
8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Saturday :
8.30 am – 12.30 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday :

Contact Dietitian

Phone: 04-5486688 Ext: 3600

Contact KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital Call: 04-548 66 88 Contact Us Online Request an Appointment