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Finger or Toe Amputation
Facial Tics
First Aid Supplies
Fats in the Diet, Good and Bad: Recommendations for a Healthy Diet
Fiber in Your Diet
Finger Dislocation Exercises
Finger Dislocation
Finger Fracture Exercises
Finger Fracture
Finger Sprain Exercises
Finger Sprain
Fluid Needs of Older Adults
Fluids and Exercise
Flu Shots
Food Allergy
Food and Feelings
Food Poisoning
Food Allergy Testing
Foot Care
Foot Sprain Exercises
Foot Sprain
Forearm Fracture
Fracture Treatment
Frozen Shoulder Exercises
Frozen Shoulder
FSH Test
Functional Urinary Incontinence
Facial Spasms
Flu (Influenza)
Fifth Metatarsal Fracture Exercises
Foot Fracture: Fifth Metatarsal Fracture
Food Labels
Fungal Infection of a Nail
Farsightedness due to Aging (Presbyopia)
Fasting Plasma Glucose Test
Finding Services for People 60 and Older: Brief Version
Fluocinolone Acetonide, Topical Oil floo-oh-SIN-oh-lone a-SEE-toh-nide
Factor IX Concentrates, Injection FAK-tor 9 KON-sin-traytz
Famciclovir, Oral fam-SY-kloh-veer
Famotidine, Oral/Injection fa-MOH-ti-deen
Febuxostat, Oral feh-BUKS-o-stat
Felbamate, Oral FELL-ba-mate
Felodipine, Oral fe-LOH-di-peen
Fennel FEN-el
Fenofibric Acid, Oral fen-oh-FY-brik A-sid
Fenofibrate, Oral fen-oh-FY-brate
Fenoldopam Mesylate, Infusion fe-NOL-doh-pam MESS-i-late
Fenoprofen, Oral fen-oh-PROH-fen
Fentanyl, Injection FEN-ta-nil
Fentanyl, Nasal FEN-ta-nil
Fentanyl, Transmucosal FEN-ta-nil
Fentanyl, Transdermal FEN-ta-nil
Fenugreek FEH-noo-greek
Ferric Hexacyanoferrate, Oral FER-ik heks-a-SY-an-oh-feh-rate
Ferumoxytol, Injection fer-oo-MOKS-i-tol
Fesoterodine Fumarate, Oral fess-oh-TER-oh-deen FOO-mar-ate
Feverfew FEE-ver-fyoo
Fexofenadine, Oral feks-oh-FEN-a-deen
Fexofenadine/Pseudoephedrine, Oral feks-oh-FEN-a-deen soo-doh-e-FED-rin
Fibrinogen Concentrate (human), Injection fi-BRIN-oh-gen KON-sen-trayt hyoo-man
Fidaxomicin, Oral fy-daks-oh-MY-sin
Filgrastim, Injection fil-GRAS-tim
Finasteride, Oral, for Alopecia fih-NAS-teh-ride
Finasteride, Oral, for Enlarged Prostate Gland fi-NAS-teer-ide
Fingolimod, Oral fin-GO-li-mod
Fish Oil fish oyl
Flavoxate, Oral fla-VOKS-ate
Flaxseed FLAK-seed
Flecainide, Oral fleh-KAY-nide
Floxuridine, Infusion floks-YOOR-i-deen
Fluphenazine, Oral floo-FEN-a-zeen
Fluconazole, Oral/Injection floo-KOH-na-zol
Flucytosine, Oral floo-SY-toh-seen
Fludarabine, Injection floo-DAY-ra-been
Fludarabine, Oral floo-DAY-ra-been
Fludrocortisone, Oral floo-droh-KOR-tih-sohn
Flumazenil, Injection floo-MAY-zeh-nil
Flunisolide, Nasal floo-NIS-oh-lide
Flunisolide, Inhalation floo-NIS-oh-lide
Flurandrenolide, Topical flur-an-DREN-oh-lide
Fluocinolone Acetonide, Topical floo-oh-SIN-oh-lone
Fluorometholone, Ophthalmic flur-oh-METH-oh-lone
Fluorouracil, Infusion flur-oh-YOOR-a-sil
Fluorouracil, Topical flur-oh-YOOR-a-sil
Fluorometholone/Sulfacetamide Sodium, Ophthalmic flur-oh-METH-oh-lone sul-fa-SEET-a-mide
Fluoxetine, Oral floo-OKS-e-teen
Fluoxetine (Premenstrual), Oral floo-OKS-eh-teen
Fluoxymesterone, Oral floo-oks-i-MES-te-rone
Flurazepam Hydrochloride, Oral floor-AZ-e-pam hy-droh-KLOR-ide
Flurbiprofen, Ophthalmic flur-BI-proh-fen
Flurbiprofen, Oral flur-BI-proh-fen
Flutamide, Oral FLOO-ta-mide
Fluticasone Propionate Aerosol, Inhalation floo-TIK-a-sone
Fluticasone, Nasal floo-TIK-a-sone
Fluticasone Propionate Powder, Inhalation floo-TIK-a-sone
Fluticasone Propionate/Salmeterol, Inhalation floo-TIK-a-sone sal-MEE-ter-all
Fluticasone, Topical floo-TIK-a-sone
Fluvastatin, Oral FLOO-va-sta-tin
Fluvoxamine, Oral floo-VOKS-ah-meen
Folic Acid, Oral/Injection FOH-lik AS-id
Follitropin Alfa, Injection foh-li-TROH-pin AL-fa
Follitropin Beta, Injection foh-li-TROH-pin BAY-ta
Fomepizole, Infusion fo-MEP-i-zoll
Fondaparinux Sodium, Injection fon-da-PARE-ih-nuks SOH-dee-um
Formoterol Fumarate, Inhalation for-MOH-teh-rol FOO-ma-rate
Fosamprenavir, Oral FOS-am-pren-a-veer
Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine, Injection fos-ap-REH-pi-tant dy-MEG-loo-meen
Foscarnet, Injection fos-KAR-net
Fosfomycin Tromethamine, Oral foss-foh-MY-sin
Fosinopril/Hydrochlorothiazide, Oral foh-SIN-oh-pril hy-droh-klor-oh-THY-a-zide
Fosinopril, Oral foh-SIN-oh-pril
Fosphenytoin Sodium, Injection FOS-fen-ih-toyn SOH-dee-um
Fospropofol, Injection fos-PROH-poh-fol
Frovatriptan Succinate, Oral froh-va-TRIP-tan SUKS-ih-nate
Fulvestrant, Injection fool-VES-trant
Furosemide, Oral/Injection fyoor-OH-seh-mide
Finding a Doctor for Your Baby
Family Relationships: Resource List
Fear of Animals: Resource List
Fear of Dark: Resource List
Fear, General: Resource List
Fear of Separation: Resource List
Fear of Storms: Resource List
Fear of Water: Resource List
Friends (Dilemmas): Resource List
Febrile Seizures (Seizures with Fever)
First Aid Measures for Emergencies
Fainting (Syncope)
Family Time
Family Therapy
Family Violence: Effects on Children
Fast Food
Feeding Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood
Fetal Alcohol Problems
Fever Myths and Facts
Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiosum)
Finger or Toe Injury
Finger Fracture
Finger Sprain
First Aid Kit
Flat Feet
Flu Shots for Children
Food Allergies
Food Allergy: Sending Your Child to School
Food Allergy Testing
Foreign Body in Eye
Foreign Body in Nose
Foreign Body in Ear
Foreign Body Swallowed
Foreign Body in Vagina
Forearm Fracture
Foreskin Care and Problems
Formula or Breast Milk: How to Make High-Calorie
Formula (Bottle) Feeding
Fragile X Syndrome
Finger Infection (Viral)
Flu (Influenza)
Fingernail Infection (Paronychia)
Food Labels
Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis)
Fear of Talking (Selective Mutism)
Fecal Smearing
Febrile Seizures (Seizures with Fever): Brief Version
Fever: Brief Version
Fifth Disease: Brief Version
Finger or Toe Injury: Brief Version
Food Allergies: Brief Version
Formula (Bottle) Feeding: Brief Version
Flu (Influenza): Brief Version
Fingernail Infection: Brief Version
Fever: Teen Version
Flu (Influenza): Teen Version
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